• Ohio Diversity and Leadership Conference
  • Ohio Diversity and Leadership Conference
  • Ohio Diversity and Leadership Conference
  • Ohio Diversity and Leadership Conference

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Multicultural Leadership Award

There is something to be said of those who achieve excellence despite the odds. With the election of President Obama, the visibility of powerful people of color has been heightened. While minorities are still underrepresented in powerful leadership positions, there are still those who demonstrate the determination needed to make a difference.

The National Diversity Council seeks not only to uphold and promote the principles of diversity and leadership but also seeks to recognize those individuals who personify those principles. The Multicultural Leadership Award is designed to recognize individuals of color who have made a difference through their achievements and exemplify the ability to excel in their field.

Criteria to be considered:

  • Demonstrates leadership excellence in the public and/or private sectors

  • Sustains a record of accomplishments and/or contributions to field of work throughout scope of his/her career

  • Demonstrates leadership characteristics in community/or high visibility in the community

  • Retains commendable reputation with colleagues and superiors

  • Exhibits and demonstrates a commitment to the highest ethical standards and professional excellence

To submit an individual for consideration:

  • Submit individual's name, company name and job title (if applicable).

  • Submit, in bullet point form, the reasons why the individual should be considered based on the criteria listed above.

Deadline to submit nominations is September 6, 2014.

Please submit your nomination in Word Document format to Dennis Kennedy at [email protected]