2012 Most Powerful and Influential Women of Ohio


Submit your nomination for the 2012 Most Powerful and Influential Women of Ohio

Criteria to be considered:

  • Provides leadership excellence in the public and/or private sectors

  • Sustains a record of accomplishments and/or contributions to field of work throughout scope of her career

  • Has clout within her organization in terms of significant impact on revenues, profitability, and/or direction of the organization

  • Demonstrates leadership and commitment to community well-being and/or high visibility in the community

  • Exhibits and demonstrates a commitment to the highest ethical standards and professional excellence

To submit an individual for consideration:

  • Submit individual's name, company name and job title (if applicable).

  • Submit, in bullet point form, the reasons why the individual should be considered based on the criteria listed above.

Deadline to submit nominations is September 19, 2012.

Or You Can Submit Your Nomination in WORD document format to Kera McMiller @ [email protected]


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