Legal Diversity Champion Award

DiversityChampion™ Award

Criteria for award recipients are as follows:

Individual Achievement DiversityChampion™ Awards to be presented to both General Counsels & Managing Partners who have:

1. Demonstrated dedication and continuing commitment to advocating, raising issues of diversity and protecting civil and human rights. (example: civil rights, human rights activist, outspoken group leader, cultural ambassador, humanitarian, etc.)

2. Led the development of innovative or contemporary measures to fight discrimination and prejudice and the effects of past discrimination, and/or

3. Fostered positive communication and actively promoted inter-group relations among persons of different races, ages, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, religious backgrounds, or physical and mental abilities.

4. Participates in a variety of corporate and community events that promotes mutual respect, acceptance, cooperation or tolerance: any level of involvement in community events, projects, efforts or organizations that promote or celebrate tolerance and contribute to diversity awareness in the community and workplace.


To submit an individual for consideration:

  • Submit individual's name, company name and job title (if applicable).
  • Submit, in bullet point form, the reasons why the individual should be considered based on the criteria listed above.

Deadline to submit nominations is August 15, 2011.

Or You Can Submit Your Nomination in WORD document format to Laura Alvarado @ [email protected]